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Larry Akins - KC, MO
Sandy Argo - Raytown, MO
Donna J. Barnes
Jeanne Barnhart - Indep., MO
Wanda Blevins - Raytown, MO
Rich Bott - KCCV Radio - Overland Park, KS
Vangln & Kay Bradley - Raytown, MO
Jean Brewster - Belton, MO
Harry Burt
Harold & Mildred Carolus
Harold W. & Dorothy M. Cavallo - KC, MO
Kyle & Teresa Chadwick - KC, MO
Jack Chastain - Indep, MO
Central Baptist Church - KC, MO
Hazel Clay & Susan Clay / Manis - Raytown, MO
Larry E. & Jane F. Clements - Lee's Summit, MO
John L. & Marilyn G. Constantz - Indep., MO
Bill Curtis - Curtis Service Center - Lone Jack, MO
Nancy L. Daniel - Raytown, MO
Wilma Darlington - Belton, MO
Chuck Dillinger - KC, MO
Kathy Donley - Cedar Valley Health Center - Raytown, MO
DMSI - Tim Heinrichs - Acworth, GA
Mary Dunfield - KC, MO
Elinor J. Etterling - Raytown, MO
First Baptist Church of Raytown
Rev. Jim & Judy Foster - Raytown, MO
Charles Frank - Raytown, MO
Roger Hackett - Raytown, MO
Elsie Hamilton - Raytown, MO
Gordon Harris - Gladstone, MO
Lita Harris
Sheryl F. Hendrickson - Raytown, MO
Charles F. & Kathleen B. Heritage - Lee's Summit, MO
Gladys M. Hartley Patricia M. Hildebrant - Lee's Summit, MO
Paul & Naomi Houk - Raytown, MO
Mack & Lovie House - KC, MO
Courtney & Sally Jackson - Indep., MO
Terry Jobe - Blue Springs, MO
Pastor Stephen P. & Evelyn Jones - KC, MO
Joyce A Karpen - KC, MO
Richard Kirkpatrick - KC, MO
Wayne & Shirley Latare - Raytown, MO
Donna Lee - Lee's Summit, MO
Lick Fork Baptist Church
George & Nadine Marcum - Lee's Summit, MO
Storm & Sandy Martin - Kirksville, MO
Raymond & Darlene Marsham - Indep., MO
Dorothy & Sparky Massey - Raytown, MO
Lisa M. Meola - Indep., MO
Mike and Betty Morris - Moundville, MO
Betty Jo Ann Munden - KC, MO
Mrs. Diane Nelson - Raytown, MO
Pearly Gates Organic Soapery - Nancy & Susan Gordon, Nelson, Noah, Noel & Natasha - KC, MO
Cuane & Carol Phillips - Grandview, MO
Ralph & Mary Philpot - Raytown, MO
Lydia Pilkington & Leann Swank Lawrence L. Pilkington - Raytown, MO
Joe Porter - Excelsior Springs, MO
James E. & Norma Ramel - Leawood, KS
Anana Roberts - KC, MO
Phyllis & Richard Roberts - KC, KS
Harold & Marjorie Schmidt - Raytown, MO
Ann L. Sneary - KC, MO
Willa Stark - Indep., MO
Leann Swank - Raytown, MO
Bob & Lavon Thompson - Lee's Summit, MO
Ruth Tuggle - Raytown, MO
Dixie Thurston - Raytown, MO
Howard & Nancy Weigman
David D. Welch - Plano, IA
Knox & Lillian Williams- Raytown, MO
David Williams- Raytown, MO
Johnana Chen Wright - Raytown, MO

News Articles Photos Special Thanks Inspirational Discussion Forum Links Page

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