Good Morning Your Honor,

My name is Rick Caylor. I am the youngest of 3 sons of John and Mildred Caylor.

The foundation of my life is based upon the values that I learned from my parents. I have been with my wife for 32 years. We have both been emotionally and physically sick since their deaths and have missed many hours of work and income.

The last words I heard from my father, was on the day that he died. He had left a phone message saying, "Rick, I am getting ready to make my Christmas Radio Program Tape and I want to record Bobbie and you giving your Christmas Greetings on the Show."

Before I had called him back, I saw the Bible Store on the TV News and they both were already gone.

The things my wife and I went through in the following days were sickening. Even after taking and passing a lie detector test, I was still a suspect for the murder of my own parents.

If it had not been for my father having the strength to fight back and for the Kansas City Crime Lab working with the Raytown Police to collect the DNA and other evidence, I could still be a suspect and this murderer could be free.

I would also like to thank the Prosecutors, the Raytown Police, the Kansas City Crime Lab, the witnesses that came forward to testify, the jury and you, your honor, for overseeing this trial, in a respectful and lawful way.


Now I would like to speak about my parents. About who they were and what they stood for.

They were not Financially Rich, but they were Rich in their Love for the Word of God, Their Love for their Family and Their Love for One Another.

The foundation of a Parent's Blessing is Encouragement, Compassion and Motivation, presented in a positive way at the right time. My parents did all of this for me, time and time again. I was so blessed to have these type of parents. I cannot ever remember of one time in my life, where I ever saw them argue. My father was truly a kind hearted and sensitive man.

I worshiped my mother's comfort. The tenderness she offered me. How she would share in my grief. How she would share my sorrows, as if they were her own. She would sympathize with me, as no one else could. The love for my mother is still strong. My mother was also a truly kind hearted and sensitive woman.

My father was 79 and my mother was 76. They were married on Sept. 24th, 1949. They had the Bible store for 44 years. They spent their time together, Loving each other, dedicated to raising a family, sharing a joy for life and teaching others about the Love of God. I was lucky to have parents who cared so much. They Loved me, they spent time with me and they went out of their way to teach me things. Little did I know, just how lucky I was to have a mother and father who cared so much.

I know with certainty, that if my mother and father were alive today, I would not have the same level of appreciation for their life's. Every day that goes by, I find that I miss them even more. While I miss them, I realize their presence was a Special Gift to my wife, myself and every one that knew them.

My parents still walk with me every day and I am Proud to be their Son.

If they were still alive today, they would still be opening the Bible Store a couple of days a week, Doing Their World Wide Christian Radio Shows, Traveling and Performing as the Ozark Gospel Circuit Riders to Nursing Homes across the US, Running the Caylor Evangelistic Association to Help Others and Preach the word of God, Cutting all of the grass on the 10 Acres at the Caylor Bible Camp, Having those Great All you Can Eat Get together's at the Old Country Buffet and they would still be going Fishing together.


Your Honor, this person deserved the Death Penalty!

Please consider McKinney's past history of:
Previous time served in Lansing, KS. for Aggravated Robbery and the 60 Disciplinary Reports he received while serving time there.
The attempted escapes from the Jackson County Jail.
The attempted escape from the State Hospital while faking Insanity.
And the absolute brutality of these 2 murders.

Kellen McKinney has not shown any remorse what so ever about what he has done. He has actually gone so far as to Brag about it. What kind of a man does it take to beat down 2 elderly people and then take a thrill out of brutally killing them in front of one another. All of this, in a Bible Store, a Church, a Place of Worship and most of all, their home.

He has even referred to himself as feeling like the Devil. I say that this person is the closest thing to a true Devil that I have ever had to look at in my life. This was a Heartless, Cruel, Mean, Uncaring, Senseless, Disgraceful, Disgusting Act.

I would like you to contact DAI yourself and make for sure that they know the history of Kellen McKinney and the facts of this case and ask them to Place him in a Maximum Security Prison in Level 5, Solitary Confinement, also known as Administrative Segregation or THE HOLE.

I understanding that you cannot order the Administrative Segregation yourself, but I just want to know that DAI is fully aware of all of his past criminal history, the disciplinary reports and the brutality of this crime.

This person, who wants his freedom so bad, deserves to know that he will have to spend every single day, every single hour of the rest of his life, CAGED like an animal and preferably in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, with only 1 hour a day to be able to walk outside in a completely caged in area. Let him know that he will be Locked up for the Rest of His Life, never to have FREEDOM, EVER AGAIN!

I hope that you will sentence Kellen McKinney to the Harshest Consecutive Sentences, that you are allowed to do, under the Laws of the State of Missouri.

Thank you, Your Honor.