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Message from Rick Caylor regarding his parents murderer


I am Rick Caylor, the youngest son of John and Mildred Caylor who were robbed and murdered 5 1/2 years ago in their home and Bible Store in Raytown, MO.

The Missouri Western District Appeals court overturned the Guilty convictions of Kellen McKinney and ordered a new trial, as they say the Attempted Escape Conviction was improperly adjoined with the Robbery and Murder Convictions.

The case was then appealed to the Missouri Supreme Court and they agreed to hear the appeal.

The hearing is now set for Tuesday, May 18th and is currently 2nd on the docket at 10:00am.

The Supreme Court is offering live audio coverage of its oral arguments at 
mms://www.courts.mo.gov/supremecourtaudio . The live audio link will work only during oral arguments.

If you are experiencing difficulty in accessing the arguments, please call the Help Desk at (888) 541-4894. Archives of each day's arguments from September 2007 forward will be available on that day's "cases scheduled" page, below. Archives of previous arguments are available through the Missourinet, a statewide radio network, on its Web site,
http://supremecourt.missourinet.com .

I will be making the trip to Jefferson City to be present at the hearing to show my support for the prosecuting attorney. I understand that the Jackson County Prosecutor that tried the original case, Tammy Dickenson, will also be present at the hearing.

We believe that there were already precedents that allowed for the cases to be adjoined and that there is a good chance that the original Guilty verdicts will be upheld by the Supreme court.

If a new trial is ordered, the evidence was over whelming and I would expect a jury would find McKinney guilty again as well.

Just doing what I can to help keep the memories of Mom and Dad alive until this case if finally resolved.


Rick Caylor
316 NE Summit Drive
Blue Springs, MO 64014



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