In Loving Remembrance of John & Mildred Caylor

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Joe Clawson- Mon April 2 13:45:33 2007  
May you rest in peace knowing that your son has not forgotten about you.  This tribute on the internet is one small way that he wants you to know that he was so proud of you… I am sure the same holds true in your feelings towards him.

I have only spoken to Rick by phone…  I hope that I can find a way to show respect to my parents the way he has shown for you.Gone on earth but not forgotten.
Joe Clawson

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InHim - Mon Oct 2 03:20:33 2006  
For in him we live, and move, and have our being. Acts 17:28
always - Sun Oct 1 08:28:29 2006  
And lo I am with thee always, even unto the end of the world. Matt:28:20
peaceful - Sun Oct 1 08:22:57 2006  
Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10
Forever - Wed Sep 27 03:25:49 2006  
Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.
thankful - Sat Sep 23 06:12:07 2006  
In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. I Thess 5:18
edcaylor - Tue Sep 19 17:00:01 2006  
Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord !
Bob&Tammy Melton - Sun Sep 10 17:12:38 2006  
Rick,We just can't say how very,very sorry we are about this sensless act.Our prayers are with you.
Marc Dabaiya - Sun Aug 13 10:56:50 2006  
Fear not he that keepeth Israel neither slumbers nor sleep.We take a life and concock all kinds of situations.I pray that you would stay focus on the one who is the author and finisher of your faith. God bless you all real good.
tom kiefer - Mon Jul 31 10:33:24 2006  
A very tragic event. Nothing but time and faith will heal the pain.
bernard gregoire - Wed Jul 19 11:54:30 2006  
with sympathy from bernard,dorothy & daniel gregoire ash flat arkansas
george lee - Tue Jul 11 14:58:22 2006  
rick we will keep you all in ours prayers. god bless
Ben R Frai - Sat Jul 8 10:54:12 2006  
Leo Williams - Mon Jun 19 11:55:49 2006
So sorry to hear of such a horrible event. I wish I had known these two wonderful people.

May God bless your family and friends John and Mildred will remain in our prayers.
Tony Lussier - Fri Jun 16 08:18:21 2006  
I now you'll miss them/ but they are in a better/ place with God. My prayers are with you and your famiely.
Saddened by our world - Thu Jun 1 18:42:32 2006  
I mean I thought it was low to grave rob, it is definately worse to kill. I am so full of sorrow as I used to live in Raytown and my parents still do. Why target a bible store? Some people are dead inside and have no feeling to do this. He should be put to death.
Saddened by our world - Thu Jun 1 18:39:37 2006  
If this is any indication of what the future of our world holds, God help us. i have heard of people robbing flowers from graves, but i think this even beats that. To end two respectable lives for nothing. What a real shame. I want to hide under my bed and stay there forever.
Benny Salter - Sat Apr 8 10:25:06 2006  
Bill - Thu Mar 16 19:54:16 2006  
Hope the justice can be served on those who are responsible.

May God be with John and Mildred!
Derek Barr - Wed Mar 15 12:23:28 2006  
Truly sorry about your loss. I'm sure John and Mildred are with the Lord right now, and I hope He grants you peace.
Lance Schelde - Fri Dec 16 14:49:48 2005  
Rick, I was just checking out your site and I want to express my sincere condolences.

Patty Green - Mon Nov 28 19:45:46 2005  
I know no words to express my sorrow for the loss you suffered.God has a perfect plan.I wouldn't want to bear the shame or consequences of these murders.The person(s) will be brought to justice. Sometimes it takes the loss of very special people before society will finally take action.

Flint T Guile - Mon Sep 26 15:35:30 2005 Pastor
Hi Rick,

The mark we leave is not best measured by what we leave behind on top of the earth but by what we leave behind inside the hearts of those we have touched along our journey. Life is a journey. It is obvious to me that your parents touched many, many people. They were good stewards of Gods love. Now they are safe in the arms of Jesus, the Lover of their Souls.
For you, never forget, You are not alone. I stand with you! Just a phone call away.

Your new friend,

Chris Jones - Sun Sep 25 23:09:49 2005  
Thank you for honoring and sharing your family with the world. I look forward to someday meeting them in heaven.
~Chris Jones

Rev. J.Hall - Sat Sep 17 23:04:24 2005  
i did not have the priveledge of knowing this fine couple, but when i looked at their photo i felt as if i'd known them forever.
God bless all.

Libbee McFall - Tue Sep 13 18:33:13 2005  
I came to your site by purchasing a bible on ebay and saw the link. I was touched by the photos and the testimony of the people who knew them and spoke so highly of them. This is such a tragedy for the family. Such a sensless crime, such a great loss. I pray the family finds comfort and peace. There will be a joyful reunion someday, that is the promise we have to hold to. God Bless.

Jim Gibson - Tue Sep 13 16:23:08 2005  
Rick, you & family are in our thoughts & prayers. Jim Gibson

david alan - Sun Sep 11 21:20:21 2005  
God bless your website.. Praise His holy name.. Bless Jesus forever.. may any and all who enter this website be filled with the love of Christ and be blessed .. Amen!

Renee Van Geest - Sun Sep 11 19:11:58 2005  
As many others I too was on Ebay looking at Bibles when I came across your auction page. I went to the site and read about the sad news of Mr. & Mrs. Caylor's tragic deaths. I am so sorry. It is a sad, sad world and people so need the Lord. Thank you to them for their ministry and your continued ministry.

Renee Van Geest - Sun Sep 11 19:08:39 2005  

Kathy Robinson - Fri Sep 2 17:47:35 2005  
I ran across an auction on ebay that is how I saw the link to this site. What a beautiful way to honor their lives and committment to God. My heart goes out to the family of the precious couple. So very sorry for your loss.

jude abah - Sat Aug 27 18:55:12 2005  
im requesting for books from your ministary,my address is p.o box 545 ikorodu ,lagos ,nigeria,104001

Judy M. - Nashville, TN. - Thu Aug 4 07:40:35 2005  
My heartfelt sympathy to the Caylor family. I was purchasing a Bible on Ebay and saw the link to this website (I did not know the Caylors; I was simply curious). Mr. & Mrs. Caylor were the ages of my parents and I cannot imagine losing both (so tragically) at the same time. I'm so very sorry.

Richard R. Chamberlain - Wed Jul 20 18:30:27 2005  
I have not yet had the privilege of meeting John and Mildred, but I look forward to worshipping our Lord together in glory. Thank you for a wonderful web site.

rev. Ronald D. Hanes - Fri May 27 11:19:48 2005  
I wish to extend my deepest sympathies and prayers for you all who are carrying on in the absence of this fine couple. "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord"

In Christian love
Ron Hanes rev.
Ponca City, Oklahoma

ROB - Thu May 19 13:16:26 2005  

Cyndi Mulligan - Mon Apr 25 10:40:13 2005 Mom
Came across the link to your website on ebay while looking for an Amplified Bible. It's a lovely site, and I wish you great, great grace in the aftermath of such a tragedy... Only God can bring beauty from these ashes. Lord bless you all.

David - Sun Apr 3 01:34:23 2005 Webmaster of a Christian Apologetics Webpage
What a horrible crime :(. I came here via one of your eBay auctions - what a great way to keep their memory alive! Keep their picture there on the front page, what a great picture :). Most definitely they have gone home, and have started their new life together with God!

Charles R. Corbin - Fri Apr 1 17:23:17 2005  
May they live on always

Charles & Margaret

Pam Kirsch - Sun Mar 13 03:43:11 2005  
I'm saddened by your tragic loss. I pray you will be comforted by others who honor John and Mildred by stopping by and saying a prayer. God Bless you all.

Nancy S. Gordon - Mon Jan 31 08:26:34 2005 Owner of Pearly Gates Soap
Hi! I just discovered this site when my husband typed in our web site
under google. ( )
My husband and I had met John and Mildred Caylor about 1982. We were
both twenty -six years young with our first child. They were two of the
neatest people!!! We approached the Caylors asking them if they needed
signs painted for the building. We thought they needed help, in turn
they helped us......( My husband and I painted signs back then ) We all
became instant friends. I purchased my first bible there, ( I had just
become a believer the year before.. ) i gave my first public testimony
at Caylors, and I'd have to say that a LARGE part of my spiritual
growth/ walk with the Lord and convictions on music and the conviction
to wear a dress, ect. came from the Caylors, even though I was young.
We received SO much GOOD counseling from them over the years. Mr. Caylor
was always right, he had insight into the scriptures.They were like
grandparents to me and I have so many memories of just talking with
them. We loved them dearly. I will always remember them and they'll go
down in my book as true martyrs for Christ.

Eric Ferguson - Tue Jan 25 17:33:55 2005
What a great website. So sorry to hear about all of this.

Trisha Enix - Tue Jan 18 22:20:19 2005  
I'm so sorry to hear about this. I'll be praying for your family that GOD will help you all come through this. When my mother showed me the bible she was getting I fell in love. So I'm trying to get one of my own. I thank GOD for these two loving people that wanted to get GODs work out. I know I didn't know who they were. But I think GOD that I can be a part of their Ministary.

Rev Larkin Estate - Fri Jan 14 10:31:25 2005  
John and Mildred have been doing business with Rev Larkin Estate since 1965. My husband and I took over the business in 89 and have had the pleasure of dealing with them. It was always a joy hearing from them to place orders. For they not only did business with us, they were caring and loving people. Though we never got to meet them face-to-face we feel as if we had. We just found out of this tragedy and feel a pain deep within our hearts. Just recently we were discussing how we have not heard from them, now we sadly know why.

We send our deepest sympathies and prayers to the Caylor family and the community in which they were so very much a part. Loosing loved ones is always hard but to loose them in such a way makes it even harder. The only solace we have is knowing now we truly have two more angles sleeping in the sky watching down on all of us below.

Phil, Karen & Bob
Rev Clarence Larkin Estate

Judy & Lou Ward - Mon Jan 10 21:11:44 2005  
We are so sorry for the loss of the elder Caylors. May loving memories soften and blot out the horror of the loss.

Jim Adams - Mon Dec 20 18:33:13 2004  
May God be with you.

Jim & Jackie Roberts - Wed Dec 15 17:10:33 2004  
We have purchased a lot of books from the Caylors over the years. They such wonderful people. We couldn't leave the store without John trying to give us something. What a wonderful witness. We will miss them but we know they are with Jesus now.
Jim & Jackie Roberts (Grain Valley, MO )

Wendy Mayer - Fri Dec 10 16:44:39 2004  
I have known of the Caylors for years. I got my first Bible at their store when I was four. Their store and their testimonies were a standard in the Raytown community. Through the years, we bought several Bibles and other books from the Caylors and saw God through through their lives, attitudes and smiles. Raytown and the local community has lost two of its most important and loved pillars. God bless the family and be with you at this trying time. The only comfort is that they are looking down on us now, singing those same songs and living forever with our saviour. Until we meet again, they will be missed.
Wendy Mayer (Lafayette, IN )

Joan & Bob Kline - Thu Dec 2 17:49:21 2004  
Friends and pianist for Revival Meetings

Alan Shelby - Mon Nov 29 12:33:59 2004 Pastor
I can remember John & Mildred from back as early as about 1975 when I was a 16 year-old captain of a bus route at Blue Ridge Baptist Temple. When I came on the staff at Kansas City Baptist Temple and John discovered my love for Spurgeon, he would always send me Spurgeon sermons by way of other people from our church who came into the store.
Our loss is certainly their gain and heaven's gain. We mourn for ourselves, but I know they are glad they went up together. It is sad, but seems appropriate to me that after all those years and all that work they actually got to win the martyr's crown.
Very special. They are no doubt singing bluegrass gospel with the angels right now.
We miss you!

Thomas S Rigot Sr - Mon Nov 29 12:01:06 2004  
12 years ago a good friend of mine led me to the Lord. I then went to Caylor's to buy my 1st bible. What an experience! John & Mildred were so friendly $ happy for my recent decision. They took my picture and hung it with all the others in the store. I later purchased the commercial building across the street from them & moved my office there almost 4 years ago. John & I traded hellos from across the street almost daily. I would watch him as he set up all the garage sale stuff in the front & put it away at the end of the day. I could hear the "Blue grass gospel" music he played over the outside speakers from inside my office. This was a frequent topic from my walk in clients. I actually used this several times as an opener to witness to people in my office. This world is definately a lessor place in their abscence. I wonder how many people have come to His saving grace because of seeds sown by the Caylor's? They are both now in heaven together as they were on earth. I can't wait to see them again!

Pat Roark - Mon Nov 29 10:20:57 2004  
MIldred was our maternal aunt. She was our mother's youngest sister. She and John always impressed us with the depth of their faith. It seemed to wear off on us as we are now both committed Christians and Pat is a Priest in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches. Not to be confused with the Episcopal Church USA. We remember when Mildred and John were first married and came to our mother's parent's farm in the Ozarks near Vista, Missouri, with a fresh watermelon in the car's rumble seat. We put it in the well and enjoyed a cool melon a few hours later. They also took us to Clinton in the rumble seat which was a real treat. Mildred and John came to the hospital when our mother (Edith) was there and prayed with her. May the Lord bles and keep them with him forever. Pat and Mike Roark, maternal nephews.

Charlie Johnson - Mon Nov 29 08:29:07 2004  
first became familiar with Caylor's Book Store when my wife bought my first KJV wide margin bible. I had bibles in the past but I did not use them daily for study nor did I open them much.

Recently, we were at Raytown Days where I personally met John and his wife. They were picken and grinin out front of the store with Harold Massey - a friend from KCBT.

What a joy that was - to see them singing to the Lord with their hearts open.

I wish we could have known them better but the Lord had other plans and their work here on earth has been completed.
I would just like to say thanks to the Lord for thier lives and I know He will comfort the Caylor family.
Charlie and Sharen Johnson (Kansas City, MO

Fred Vanschoelandt - Sat Nov 27 21:36:12 2004  
We were so saddened to hear of the tragic loss of Uncle John and Aunt Mildred. Aunt Mildred was my mother's youngest sister. In the past few years, I have been able to visit with them several times. They were dear, kind people. We sat and ate lunch together and talked about the work they were doing in their ministry and reminised about the trips my family made to Kansas and Missouri when my brothers and I were young boys. When my wife and I were married 36 years ago, Uncle John and Aunt Mildred sent us a white Bible as a wedding gift and when each of our three daughters were born, a lovely pastel New Testament was received for each.
Even though our hearts ache for their families, we are joyful in knowing they are both with our dear Lord.

Rev. Brad Stueber - Sat Nov 27 16:39:53 2004  
I was introduced as a teenager to the Caylor's and Raytown Bible and Bookstore by my dear friend, Dorothy Beaman, the librarian at our church. I left KC in 1976 permanently. I have fond memories of John & Mildred Caylor and the love for Christ and their desire to make the gospel available to as many people possible thru music and books and Bibles. I share in the grief of the Caylor family and the Christian family of the Caylor's which is far reaching on this earth. We need more Christian's with their faithfulness and their loving witness. God bless all who read this! Brad Stueber (Baton Rouge, LA )

Dennis and Dana Allison - Sat Nov 27 07:58:42 2004  

We are so sorry to hear of your loss. I (Dana) had only met the Caylor's 1 time. My husbands family knew them very well. I believe either my father in-law or his brother was in Mrs. Caylor's Sunday school class years ago. My husband took our daughter and I to the store to buy a bible after my daughter was baptised. The Caylor's treated us like family and made an ever-lasting impression on us that we will never forget. We pray for the Caylor family and we believe that Mr. Caylor preached about Jesus to the person or people that are responsible for this tragedy.
Dennis and Dana Allison (Greenwood, MO )

Tom Talbert - Sat Nov 27 05:51:07 2004  
The Caylors were the kindest, most inspiring folks I think I have ever met and it was a priviledge to know them.
Their lives were the perfect example of what "being Christ-like" is all about.
They will be missed and I am sure they were praying for the souls of those who took their lives.
John and Mildred were more than disciples of Christ, they were martyrs for Him in my book!
The Caylors are on to their final reward and a great one it truly must be!

Jami - Fri Nov 26 23:32:41 2004  
This couple was a blessing to me and I will truly miss them. I remember the first time I met them I was still in high school and I went to there store to buy a Bible and they were so encouraging to me when I was haveing tough times. I used to go visit them even when I didn't have to buy anything because I knew when I left I would leave with a different perspective on things,a Biblical perspective.
Jami Heckman (Raytown, MO ) (Missionary to Taiwan)

Barbara Barnes - Fri Nov 26 17:39:20 2004  
I have known the Caylors since about 1965 and was fortunate to take part in their ministry and other activities.

To their three sons and grandchildren, may God bless you and keep you through your deep sorrow. You are truly in my prayers and will be for a long time. I know that God answers prayers because He loves us. He knows even when a sparrow falls! God bless you all.

Barbara (Dennis) Barnes
(Albuquerque, NM )

Rick Caylor - Wed Nov 24 20:31:42 2004  
This Guest Book is for us all to share the Wonderful memories of John and Mildred (Dad and Mom) Caylor.

While I still try and understand why this has happened, I keep remembering so many different things from my childhood to present. All of the Great People I met over the many years, the different churches attended, the tent revivals in the Bible Store Parking lot, making radio tapes, working in the Bible Store, the many fishing trips, Dad teaching me how to build things, Mom sharing my love for the many animals that we had growing up, including around 100 box turtles that the members of New Hope Baptist Church in Butler would help gather for us so we could hold turtle races behind the Bible Store, the many different dogs, cats, birds, ducks, rabbits, fish and white mice we used to raise. There are just so many things over the many years. Some of the most recent memories include the Caylor Evangelistic Association dinners and lunches at the Old Country Buffet, including the one on Valentines day 2004, which is when the picture was taken that is on the home page of this site and the Caylor Family Reunion that we had just had in the first weekend of October and Mom and Dad were the happiest I ever remember seeing them. I only stayed at the reunion for a short time, but I had to laugh when I talked to my brother Jeff and he stated how Mom and Dad had wore him out fishing all day long the next day.

We have also received so many cards, letters, faxes and donations from so many different people from all over the country, that I know Dad and Mom touched so many others.

There are just so many things and I just can't put them all here now, but I know that my parents were also very special to so many others and I hope that having a place here and being able to express your memories and feelings, will help others and be a continued testimony to what Dad and Mom spent their lives doing, Sharing the Word of God, Jesus Christ and Love.